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The small class size ensures one-on-one interaction and the ability to ask lots of questions... Chef couldn’t be any nicer and the fact that everything is pre-measured and ready to go ensures you won’t have to wait long to start eating the appetizer you just cooked up.


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NEW! Adult Knife Skills & Heat Thurs 2/7 . 6:30pm

NEW! Adult Knife Skills & Heat Thurs 2/7 . 6:30pm


NEW! You asked for it! A class dedicated to Knife Skills and pan heat management. These skills are is so important if you want to learn to cook well. We’ll also show you how to throw salt for perfect seasoning.

Prepare for lots of chopping…we will make and eat a Chicken Stir Fry at the end! I’ll share my fabulous all purpose stir fry sauce that will become a staple in your fridge for a quick weeknight dinner.

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Our signature tasting table when you arrive, Taste our oils, salts and other wonderful products.

Chopping of all sorts of sizes and shapes of vegetables

Learn the basics of heat management and how to throw salt.

Make a wonderful Stir Fry Sauce to use up all those vegetables…we also stir fry some chicken!

Artisan Bread

Chocolates for a perfect ending.