The small class size ensures one-on-one interaction and the ability to ask lots of questions... Chef Jo couldn’t be any nicer and the fact that everything is pre-measured and ready to go ensures you won’t have to wait long to start eating the appetizer you just cooked up.



Sat. 6/23 Crispy Pork Saltimbocca 6:30pm

Sat. 6/23 Crispy Pork Saltimbocca 6:30pm


All of our menus include: Our Tasting Table before your meal, Artisan Bread and Chocolates for a perfect ending!

This menu is an interesting mix of salty and sweet. Learn to make a wonderful appetizer of Peach Arugula Crostini that will definitely become a favorite. Pork tenderloin is the star of this menu and you will learn to make a Crispy Saltimbocca wrapped in french cheese and prosciutto. Learn how to get your green beans crisp and bright and make a quick garlic faced potato.

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